SmartiCats is an an Android app demonstrating the interaction of texture and motion.

In the app, the Cheshire cat is placed on a background with the same texture pattern, so you see the figure only when you move it.
The effect is especially striking when done with real physical texture printed paper. I first saw this effect demonstrated by Professor Tommy Poggio at MIT.

My app has three figures to choose from, Smiling Cat, Grumpy Cat, and Jumbo (for Tufts University).
Each has its own wisecracks. And you can draw your own custom figure and add your own wisecracks.

I have not released this in the Google Play Store because the app is unpolished and unfinished.

Download the .apk file here.

Installation Instructions (Android only):

The UI needs more usability design work.
Tap on the SmartCats title to change figures and edit wisecracks.
Tap on any character name to edit their wisecracks.
Tap on "Custom Creations" to create a new character. The app is unfinished and the other items are just placeholders.
Use the Back button on your phone to get back to the main screen.